Uncle Pig's Barbeque Pit


Three Cross BBQ is the

Backyard Champion!




$8,000 In Prize Money

Grand Champion - $2,000

Reserve Grand Champion - $1,000


Cash+Trophy For Top 5 In Each Of Four KCBS Categories

(Chicken, Pork Ribs, Pork, Beef Brisket)

1st: $500 + Trophy

2nd: $300 + Trophy

3rd: $200 + Trophy

4th: $150 + Trophy

5th: $100 + Trophy

6th - 10th: Plaques


Individual Categories

Master Series: CHICKEN

RankTeam NameTotal

1Old Virginia Smoke177.7144

2JD's Smokin' Misfits177.7028

3Piggin' Whiskey176.5600

4Uncle Pig's Barbeque Pit176.0228

5Drilling And Grilling175.4172

6Wolf's Revenge BBQ173.7028

7Muttley Crew BBQ173.1428

8Big Ugly's BBQ173.1200

9Rhode Hog BBQ172.5600

10Smokin' Hoggz BBQ172.5600

11Shortsville Smokers172.0000

12Big Dog BBQ VA171.9656

13South Bowie Smoke171.4056

14Fred Vegas Smokers171.4056

15Backdraft Bar-B-Q CT170.8800

16Boggs Hog BBQ170.8456

17Aporkalypse Now170.8228

18Smack That Butt BBQ169.7144

19Team Meat Coma169.6684

203 Eyz BBQ168.5716

21Not So Famous Dave's BBQ168.5600

22The Smokehouse Mafia168.5256

23Grange and Grub168.0000

24Porkoholics Anonymous BBQ167.4400

25Smokin Boys & Hot Grills167.3944

26Smokestack Redemption166.8228

27Redneck Smoke Club166.2516

28Mack Daddy's BBQ165.7028

292 Rhodies BBQ165.6684

30War Pigs165.1544


32All Fired Up BBQ165.1200

33Convicted Pigs BBQ165.1084

34smokey anderson bbq165.0972

35Bad Company BBQ162.8456


37Myers Meats161.6916

38Paddy McQs161.6800

39Sweetbelly's BBQ161.6800

40Bar-B-Que Mayham161.6572


42Mr. Brown's BBQ160.5372

43Top Gun Barbecue159.4056

44Checkered Flag 500 BBQ158.2516

45River Smokers WV158.2284

46Bad Azz Mule BBQ157.1428


48Plum Crazy BBQ155.3600

49Smokin Z's BBQ152.5712

50Hillcrest Smokers BBQ151.3940

51Lost Whiskey BBQ151.3828

52S&S BeerBQ146.2172

53Astro Pigs140.4684

54OG CC133.0516

Master Series: PORK RIBS

RankTeam NameTotal

1Smokestack Redemption180.0000

2Shortsville Smokers178.2972

3Sweetbelly's BBQ177.1772

4Smack That Butt BBQ176.0228

5Smokin' Hoggz BBQ174.9028

6Bad Azz Mule BBQ174.3200

7Boggs Hog BBQ173.1200

83 Eyz BBQ172.5600

9Uncle Pig's Barbeque Pit171.4172

10Bar-B-Que Mayham169.1428

11Lost Whiskey BBQ169.1200

12S&S BeerBQ168.6172

13Team Meat Coma168.5256

14South Bowie Smoke168.0116

15Smokin Boys & Hot Grills167.9772

16Not So Famous Dave's BBQ167.4400

17Redneck Smoke Club167.4172

182 Rhodies BBQ166.8572

19Wolf's Revenge BBQ166.8228

20Mr. Brown's BBQ166.3200

21Porkoholics Anonymous BBQ166.2744

22Old Virginia Smoke165.6800

23Rhode Hog BBQ165.1200

24River Smokers WV164.5600

25Bad Company BBQ163.9888

26smokey anderson bbq163.9660


28Drilling And Grilling163.9544

29The Smokehouse Mafia163.9428

30Fred Vegas Smokers163.4172


32Top Gun Barbecue162.2972

33Big Ugly's BBQ161.6916

34Backdraft Bar-B-Q CT161.6684


36JD's Smokin' Misfits161.0856

37Paddy McQs160.5144

38Convicted Pigs BBQ159.3944

39Mack Daddy's BBQ158.8456


41War Pigs157.0856

42Myers Meats156.5372

43Plum Crazy BBQ156.0000

44Muttley Crew BBQ155.4400

45Aporkalypse Now155.4172

46Checkered Flag 500 BBQ154.8228

47All Fired Up BBQ154.2172

48Big Dog BBQ VA153.1084

49Hillcrest Smokers BBQ152.4912

50Piggin' Whiskey149.6456

51OG CC147.3600

52Astro Pigs134.7772

53Grange and Grub130.8344

54Smokin Z's BBQ129.0972

Master Series: PORK

RankTeam NameTotal

1Drilling And Grilling177.7144

2Boggs Hog BBQ176.5828

3The Smokehouse Mafia176.5600

4Team Meat Coma175.4400

5All Fired Up BBQ175.4400

6Aporkalypse Now175.4400

7Bad Azz Mule BBQ175.4172

8Smack That Butt BBQ173.7028

9Paddy McQs171.9656

10Smokestack Redemption171.4172

113 Eyz BBQ171.4056

12Piggin' Whiskey169.7256

13Big Ugly's BBQ169.7028

14Old Virginia Smoke169.6684

15Bar-B-Que Mayham169.1428

16S&S BeerBQ168.5600

17Big Dog BBQ VA168.0000

18Backdraft Bar-B-Q CT167.9772

19River Smokers WV167.9656

20Top Gun Barbecue167.4172


22Muttley Crew BBQ167.3828

23Plum Crazy BBQ167.3828

24Checkered Flag 500 BBQ166.8228

25Bad Company BBQ166.2972

26Shortsville Smokers166.2628

27Uncle Pig's Barbeque Pit166.2400

28Mack Daddy's BBQ165.7256


30Smokin Boys & Hot Grills165.1200

31Porkoholics Anonymous BBQ164.5828

32Rhode Hog BBQ164.5716

33Wolf's Revenge BBQ164.5484

34Convicted Pigs BBQ163.9888

35JD's Smokin' Misfits163.9772

36War Pigs162.8228

37Smokin' Hoggz BBQ162.2628

38Fred Vegas Smokers161.1428

39Mr. Brown's BBQ159.3828


412 Rhodies BBQ158.8572

42Myers Meats155.3944

43Redneck Smoke Club155.3944

44OG CC155.3484

45Grange and Grub154.8228

46Smokin Z's BBQ154.2972


48Not So Famous Dave's BBQ152.5028

49Lost Whiskey BBQ151.4400

50Sweetbelly's BBQ149.6340

51smokey anderson bbq147.3484

52South Bowie Smoke144.5372

53Astro Pigs144.5028

54Hillcrest Smokers BBQ143.9656

Master Series: BRISKET

RankTeam NameTotal

1Old Virginia Smoke175.4400

2Paddy McQs175.4172

3Uncle Pig's Barbeque Pit175.4056

4Big Dog BBQ VA174.2856

5Rhode Hog BBQ174.2744

6Smokin Boys & Hot Grills174.2628

7The Smokehouse Mafia173.7372

8Aporkalypse Now173.1084

9Muttley Crew BBQ173.1084

10Smokin' Hoggz BBQ172.5600

11Drilling And Grilling171.9772

12smokey anderson bbq171.9656

13Mack Daddy's BBQ170.8112

14River Smokers WV169.7256

15Sweetbelly's BBQ169.7028

163 Eyz BBQ169.1656

17War Pigs169.1428

18Plum Crazy BBQ169.1200

192 Rhodies BBQ169.1200


21Bar-B-Que Mayham167.3944

22Wolf's Revenge BBQ167.3828

23Mr. Brown's BBQ166.8572

24JD's Smokin' Misfits166.8456

25Smokestack Redemption166.8228

26Bad Azz Mule BBQ166.3428

27Fred Vegas Smokers166.2744

28Big Ugly's BBQ166.2628

29Not So Famous Dave's BBQ166.2400

30Checkered Flag 500 BBQ165.7256


32Bad Company BBQ164.0000

33Myers Meats163.9656

34Lost Whiskey BBQ163.9312

35Astro Pigs162.8456

36Top Gun Barbecue162.7884

37Smack That Butt BBQ161.7028

38Boggs Hog BBQ161.0856

39Team Meat Coma160.5600

40Backdraft Bar-B-Q CT160.5028

41S&S BeerBQ159.4172

42OG CC157.1316

43Piggin' Whiskey156.5028

44Shortsville Smokers154.8456

45All Fired Up BBQ154.8000

46Redneck Smoke Club153.7144


48South Bowie Smoke152.5256


50Grange and Grub150.8344

51Convicted Pigs BBQ148.4912

52Hillcrest Smokers BBQ145.6456

53Smokin Z's BBQ136.4572

54Porkoholics Anonymous BBQ134.2172

Master Series - Overall Scores

Grand Champion: Uncle Pig's Barbeque Pit
Reserve Champion: Drilling And Grilling


RankTeam NameTotal

1Uncle Pig's Barbeque Pit689.0856

2Drilling And Grilling689.0632

3Old Virginia Smoke688.5028

4Smokestack Redemption685.0628

5The Smokehouse Mafia682.7656

6Smokin' Hoggz BBQ682.2856

73 Eyz BBQ681.7028

8Boggs Hog BBQ681.6340

9Smack That Butt BBQ681.1428

10Rhode Hog BBQ676.5260

11Aporkalypse Now674.7884

12Smokin Boys & Hot Grills674.7544

13Team Meat Coma674.1940

14Bad Azz Mule BBQ673.2228

15Wolf's Revenge BBQ672.4568

16Shortsville Smokers671.4056

17Big Ugly's BBQ670.7772

18JD's Smokin' Misfits669.6112

19Paddy McQs669.5772

20Muttley Crew BBQ669.0740

21Big Dog BBQ VA667.3596

22Bar-B-Que Mayham667.3372

23Fred Vegas Smokers662.2400

24Mack Daddy's BBQ661.0852

25Backdraft Bar-B-Q CT661.0284

262 Rhodies BBQ660.5028

27River Smokers WV660.4796


29Sweetbelly's BBQ658.1940

30Bad Company BBQ657.1316

31Not So Famous Dave's BBQ654.7428

32War Pigs654.2056

33Mr. Brown's BBQ653.0972

34Piggin' Whiskey652.4340

35Top Gun Barbecue651.9084

36All Fired Up BBQ649.5772

37smokey anderson bbq648.3772

38Plum Crazy BBQ647.8628


40Checkered Flag 500 BBQ645.6228

41S&S BeerBQ642.8116

42Redneck Smoke Club642.7776


44Myers Meats637.5888

45Convicted Pigs BBQ636.9828

46South Bowie Smoke636.4800

47Lost Whiskey BBQ635.8740

48Porkoholics Anonymous BBQ632.5144


50Grange and Grub604.4916

51Hillcrest Smokers BBQ593.4964

52OG CC592.8916

53Astro Pigs582.5940

54Smokin Z's BBQ572.4228




$2,000 In Prize Money

Grand Champion - $500

Cash+Trophy For Top 5 In Each Of Two KCBS Categories

(Chicken, Pork Ribs)

1st: $300 + Trophy

2nd: $200 + Trophy

3rd: $150 + Trophy

4th: $100 + Trophy

5th: $50 + Trophy



RankTeam NameTotal

1Red Smoke Bar-B-Que171.9772

2D'Qued Barbeque170.8228

3Small Batch BBQ169.7144

4Southern Yanks Barbeque167.4172

5Warpig BBQ166.8572

6Bethlehem Smoke165.6800

7Three Crosses BBQ165.0972

8Learin' N Burnin'164.5488

9Smokey and the Beer163.9888

10If you got it smoke it163.9428

11Hickory & Apple B1163.4284

12Good Googly Goo BBQ163.3828

13The Sloppy Mop BBQ Company162.8684

14Sweet & Savory BBQ161.6916

15Capt. Blue BBQ159.3944

16Loud Smoke BBQ159.3828

17Jarhead BBQ157.6916

18North Meats / South Smoke156.5372

19Double D's BBQ Shack156.5256

20Pee-Ka-Boo BBQ154.2628

21Blowin' Smoke153.0972

22Still Smokin BBQ152.5828

23Brutman BBQ151.4172

24Smoked and Confused151.3828

25The Pork Whisperers149.7028

26Jailhouse Swine148.0116

27Smokin' With My Homies146.8456

28Aunt Patty's Porch138.2856

29Meat Head BBQ136.9484

30smokin bbq94.5372

Backyard Series: BACKYARD - RIBS

RankTeam NameTotal

1Three Crosses BBQ170.2856

2Pee-Ka-Boo BBQ164.5488

3North Meats / South Smoke163.3944

4Bethlehem Smoke162.2628

5Blowin' Smoke162.2400

6Small Batch BBQ161.7028

7Smoked and Confused161.1200

8Brutman BBQ161.1200

9Sweet & Savory BBQ161.0972

10Warpig BBQ160.5372

11Southern Yanks Barbeque160.5028

12Still Smokin BBQ160.0000

13If you got it smoke it159.9660

14Loud Smoke BBQ159.4288

15D'Qued Barbeque158.2628

16Jarhead BBQ155.3944

17The Sloppy Mop BBQ Company155.3600

18Good Googly Goo BBQ154.8800

19Meat Head BBQ154.2744

20Red Smoke Bar-B-Que154.2400

21Learin' N Burnin'153.6572

22Double D's BBQ Shack152.5144

23The Pork Whisperers152.5028

24Capt. Blue BBQ152.5028

25Smokin' With My Homies149.6688

26Hickory & Apple B1146.2400

27Aunt Patty's Porch145.6572

28smokin bbq142.2628

29Smokey and the Beer134.7772

30Jailhouse Swine121.0172

Backyard Series - Overall Scores


RankTeam NameTotal

1Three Crosses BBQ335.3828

2Small Batch BBQ331.4172

3D'Qued Barbeque329.0856

4Bethlehem Smoke327.9428

5Southern Yanks Barbeque327.9200

6Warpig BBQ327.3944

7Red Smoke Bar-B-Que326.2172

8If you got it smoke it323.9088

9Sweet & Savory BBQ322.7888

10North Meats / South Smoke319.9316

11Pee-Ka-Boo BBQ318.8116

12Loud Smoke BBQ318.8116

13Good Googly Goo BBQ318.2628

14The Sloppy Mop BBQ Company318.2284

15Learin' N Burnin'318.2060

16Blowin' Smoke315.3372

17Jarhead BBQ313.0860

18Still Smokin BBQ312.5828

19Brutman BBQ312.5372

20Smoked and Confused312.5028

21Capt. Blue BBQ311.8972

22Hickory & Apple B1309.6684

23Double D's BBQ Shack309.0400

24The Pork Whisperers302.2056

25Smokey and the Beer298.7660

26Smokin' With My Homies296.5144

27Meat Head BBQ291.2228

28Aunt Patty's Porch283.9428

29Jailhouse Swine269.0288

30smokin bbq236.8000







(In order of most votes)

All Fired Up BBQ - Sample #3 

(Champion: Trophy + $500)

TOP 10 Finishers:

All Fired Up BBQ – 20 Votes

Three Crosses BBQ – 14 Votes

Shortsville Smokers – 13 Votes

Mack Daddy’s BBQ – 13 Votes

Old Virginia Smoke – 12 Votes

Wolf’s Revenge BBQ – 11 Votes

Checkered Flag 500 – 11 Votes

Smokestack Redemption – 11 Votes

Boggs Hog BBQ – 10 Votes

Drilling And Grilling – 10 Votes

ALL TEAMS RESULTS (Alphabetically)


1. 2 Rhodies BBQ   

2 votes

2. 3 Eyz BBQ                      

1 vote

3.  All Fired Up BBQ

20 votes              

88.  Aporkalypse Now

 5 votes

87. Bad Azz Mule BBQ

5 votes

5. Bad Company BBQ 

1 vote

86. Backdraft Bar-B-Q CT

2 votes

6. Bar-B-Que Mayham

9 votes

7. Big Dog BBQ VA

3 votes

8. Boggs Hog BBQ

10 votes


5 votes

82. Checkered Flag 500 BBQ

11 votes


1 Vote

80. Drilling And Grilling

10 votes

79. Fred Vegas Smokers

4 Votes

13. Grange and Grub

0 Votes

78. Hillcrest Smokers BBQ

3 Votes

14. JD's Smokin' Misfits

2 Votes

15. Mack Daddy’s BBQ

13 Votes

76. Mr. Brown’s BBQ

5 Votes

16. Muttley Crew BBQ

6 Votes

75. Myers Meats

2 Votes

17. Not So Famous Dave’s BBQ

6 Votes

74. OG CC

1 Vote

18. Old Virginia Smoke

12 Votes

73. Paddy McQs

3 Votes

19. Piggin’ Whiskey

4 Votes

72. Plum Crazy BBQ

6 Votes

20. Porkoholics Anonymous BBQ

4 Votes

71. Redneck Smoke Club

4 Votes

21. Rhode Hog BBQ

6 Votes

70. River Smokers WV

5 Votes

22. S&S BeerBQ

4 Votes

69. Shortsville Smokers

13 Votes

23. Smack That Butt BBQ

1 Vote

68. Smokecraft

6 Votes

24. Smokestack Redemption

11 Votes

67. smokey anderson bbq

5 Votes

66. Smokin’ Hoggz BBQ

9 Votes

26. Smokin Z's BBQ

1 Vote

65. South Bowie Smoke

3 Votes

27. Sweetbelly's BBQ

2 Votes

64. The Smokehouse Mafia

5 Votes

63. Top Gun Barbecue

1 Vote

29. Uncle Pig’s Barbeque Pit

5 Votes

62. War Pigs

1 Vote

30. Wolf's Revenge BBQ

11 Votes


61. Aunt Patty's Porch

4 Votes

31. Bethlehem Smoke

1 Vote

60. Blowin' Smoke

0 Votes

32. Brutman BBQ

5 Votes

33. D’Qued Barbeque

5 Votes

58. Double D's BBQ Shack

0 Votes

57. Hickory & Apple

3 Votes

35. If you got it smoke it

1 Vote

56. Jailhouse Swine

4 Votes

55. Learin’ N Burnin’

1 Vote

37. Loud Smoke BBQ

7 Votes

54. Meat Head BBQ

0 Votes

38. North Meats / South Smoke

1 Vote

53. Pee-Ka-Boo BBQ

1 Vote

39. Red Smoke Bar-B-Que

1 vote

52. Small Batch BBQ

2 Votes

40. Smoked & Confused

8 Votes

51. Smokey and the Beer

1 Vote

41. smokin bbq

5 Votes

50. Smokin' With My Homies

0 Votes

42. Southern Yanks Barbeque

3 Votes

49. Still Smokin BBQ

1 Vote

48. The Pork Whisperers

0 Votes

44. The Sloppy Mop BBQ Company

0 Votes

45. Three Crosses BBQ

14 Votes


Ancillary: WINGS


RankTeam NameTotal

1Good Googly Goo BBQ170.3088


3Plum Crazy BBQ169.1200

4Smokey and the Beer161.0972

5Brutman BBQ159.9656

6Convicted Pigs BBQ158.8000


8All Fired Up BBQ157.6800

9North Meats / South Smoke157.0628

10Small Batch BBQ155.9772

11Hickory & Apple B1155.4400

12Porkoholics Anonymous BBQ153.7028

Ancillary: BURGER


RankTeam NameTotal

1Bar-B-Que Mayham173.1200

2Big Dog BBQ VA169.6800

3Plum Crazy BBQ169.1200

4S&S BeerBQ168.5828

5Grange and Grub164.0228

6Double D's BBQ Shack162.3316

7Smokin Z's BBQ152.5140

Ancillary: DESSERT


RankTeam NameTotal

1Aunt Patty's Porch176.5600

2River Smokers WV174.8572


4Big Dog BBQ VA165.0972

5Sweetbelly's BBQ164.5256

6Jarhead BBQ163.9428

7Plum Crazy BBQ162.2856

8The Pork Whisperers161.1200

SCA Steak Coming Soon

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