Nonprofit Partnership Program

Interstate BBQ Festival (April 17-18, 2020, Hagerstown, MD) Donation = $1,200 Sample Duties:

Thursday 4 People 4pm-8pm: Mark Vendor/Team Spots, Lay Electrical, Fence Install

Friday 4 People 10am-2pm: Fence Install, Banners/Signs Up, Tables/Chairs Set Up, Lay Electrical

Friday 4 People 2pm-6pm: Stage Construction, Banners/Signs Up, Tables/Chairs Set Up

Saturday 6 People 10am-2pm: Security, Crowd Control, Ticketing, Vendor Assist, Beer Pouring

Saturday 6 People 2pm-6pm: Security, Crowd Control, Ticketing, Vendor Assist, Beer Pouring, Trash

Saturday 6 People 5pm-9pm: Trash, Tables/Chairs Up, Fence Down, Banners Down, Stage Down

  • Approved nonprofit groups will also receive a free nonprofit vendor booth at each approved event, from which they can sell products and/or solicit donations. Past groups averaged over $1,000 per event in sales/donations. Staffing of said booth space requires a separate group of individuals.


  • NO participating volunteers may be under 21 years of age. No exceptions.


  • Volunteers may work multiple and/or consecutive shifts.


  • Assistance Needs are a “general” guideline, other tasks may be involved.


  • Many Assistance Needs are physically demanding. People sent must be able to perform tasks required.


  • PLEASE DO NOT APPLY UNLESS your group can staff ALL of the required “Assistance Needs” listed under event with people who are both physically able and dependable.


Interstate Festival Group LLC has donated over $80,000 to participating nonprofit groups since 2014. We receive several requests annually to allow new groups into the fold. This is that opportunity. Thank you for applying.


You may apply to this event and/or any or all of our 2020 events via the link below: